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Michael and Natalie Khandros

Michael and Natalie Khandros


Michael Khandros, the co-owner of Willow Lane Estate Sales, serving NJ and NY, is an artist and designer with experience of 35 years. He designs and restores works of art for corporate and private clients.  He is also passionate about antiques, which he has been collecting for the last two decades. He has a vast knowledge of current art values and auction/gallery pricing.

“I have always wanted to combine two of my biggest passions. Estate sales seems to be the perfect field to use my experience and skills”. Michael was educated at Odessa College of Theatre Design and received a BA in sculpture and MA in Theater Design in Parsons School of Design, New York


Natalie Khandros has over 20 years of banking experience.  As the Vice President and  Manager of a NYC branch bank, she has exceptional organizational, marketing and customer service skills.

“I have always shared my husband’s passion for art and antiques. As a team we will achieve excellent results assisting you and your family in selling your assets in a professional, respectful and timely manner”.

Natalie Khandros has a Bachelor of Art degree( English and Russian Literature) from Odessa University and a AAS in Business Administration from  Berkeley College of Business, New York.


Michael Khandros in front of Sea World Thanksgiving float of 2013

Michael in the studio in front of the Sea World float he helped implement

Cirque du Soleil Float by Macys Design Team member Michael Khandros

Cirque du Soleil float ready to ship out! Michael designed, carved, and built portions of this magical ship!

Michael has spent the second half of 2013 dedicating his time to focus on a contract with the Macy’s Parade Design Team working on the Sea World and Live Action Cirque du Soleil floats, and now that project has properly ended with the Thanksgiving Parade having a record showing; he has turned his attention back to Willow Lanes Estate Sales!